7th National Cold Chain Summit Overview

Cold chain has an important role to play in reducing the losses and thereby  increasing  farmers’ income. Perishable nature of agri-commodities necessitates use of uninterrupted cold-chain to connect and expand market footprint, maintain quality and to avoid food loss.  Effective cold chain solution will integrate the supply chains for commodities from their respective production centers to the consumption centers, thereby reducing quantitative and qualitative losses. In last few years, along with the efforts of NCCD, there has been a shift towards realizing the importance of an efficient cold chain as a supply chain system in India by both the industry and the policy makers and they have responded to this in their own way. The Government has also  prioritized its’ motive to double the farmers’ income by introducing new schemes and projects in the sector.

In order to understand and develop a roadmap for creating a robust food value chain, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Food Processing Industries and National Center for Cold Chain Development (NCCD) is organizing the 7th National Cold Chain Summit on 25th September 2017, in New Delhi. The theme of the summit , Cold Chain: An Enabler for doubling farmer’s Income attempts to first- analyze the status of cold chain in India, second- to understand the status of farmers’ income at present, and third- to understand the impact of cold chain systems in doubling the farmers’ income