West Bengal

Banana (G9 variety) Value Chain

  1. Keventer Agro Limited (Keventer) is a renowned corporate body and has created high quality post harvest Banana processing facilities. The group holds significant presence in Fruit and vegetable marketing both in India and overseas. Keventer is investing additional resources in creating surplus capacity of ripening, has been chosen as the lead implementing partner of RBH in West Bengal.Keventer role is to provide market access to the target beneficiaries.

    Sahaj-e-Village Ltd (Sahaj) is an entity set up under the Public Private Partnership(PPP) model, directed towards establishing Common Services Centres (CSC's) in six states covering Orissa, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Sahaj is working in collaboration with Keventer to mobilise farmers into farmer groups, train and assist them in various pre/post harvest Banana farming practices and processes to build a consistent supply chain for Keventer.

  2. National Research Centre for Banana located at Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu was established by Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), New Delhi with an aim to increase the production and productivity of banana and plantains through mission mode basic and strategic research approaches.The Centre works on four major thrust areas of research viz., Crop Improvement, Crop Production, Post Harvest Management and Crop Protection. It has well-equipped laboratories for tissue-culture, bio-technology, soil science, nutrient management, physiology, biochemistry, entomology, nematology, fungal, bacterial, viral pathology and post harvest technology research.

    The faculty (Horticulturist, Social Scientist, Pathologist, Entomologies and Post Harvest technologist) from the institutes has been engaged to provide training and capacity building to grow G9 banana plants support to the project staff and communities.

  3. Jain Irrigation has pioneered tissue culture of 'Grand Nain' variety of banana since 1994-95. The Jain Tissue Culture laboratory has successfully micro-propagated and sold over 2 million 'Grand Nain' banana plants with outstanding success. It is the largest Banana Tissue Culture laboratory in the country. The farmers have increased their productivity from an average of 12 kg to over 26 kg per bunch per year and have consecutively taken crops with two ratoons in about 30 months. The company has multi product industrial profile and is manufacturers of Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems and Components. After detailed study of inter–relationship among soil, water, crop, land terrain and related agro climatic conditions, Jain's design a suitable and economically viable system to deliver a measured quantity of water at the root zone of each plant at regular intervals. This is to ensure that the plants do not suffer from stress or strain of less and over watering. The system installed at the farmer's field is commissioned and training imparted to the farmer, followed by regular after sales services.

    Jain Irrigation has been engaged to supply quality G9 input material and drip irrigation system in West Bengal.