Purpose and Objectives

Purpose: The primary purpose of this activity is to help improve productivity of small and medium landholders and increase income levels through inclusive agri-business growth across the agriculture value chain. This activity will structure innovative business models that are economically sustainable and scalable across Eastern India and other similar agro-climatic zones globally.


  • I. Improving market efficiency by generating procurement linkages within value chains.
  • II. Increase agriculture productivity by the increased use of agri-innovation including technology and processes and service for improved management.
  • III. Human capacity to strengthen responses to market opportunities to improve market Competitiveness
  • IV. Integration of stakeholders across the value chain will improve productivity and market development (though Innovative business models and balanced market systems).

Results and Activities

Output 1: Increase in agricultural productivity by deploying innovative technologies and management practices through the Rural business hub model

  • Baseline analysis  and supply chain assessment
  • Building of consortia for delivery of services and aggregation of farmers
  • Extension and capacity building efforts
  • Increase farmer's access to finance and technical services
  • Increase private sector participation in supply of quality of inputs
  • Facilitate and support the adoption of best practices and systems

Output 2: Increase in efficiency of agriculture value chains and access to markets through the Rural Business Hub model

  • Baseline analysis  and supply chain assessment
  • Develop private sector led-procurement linkages within value chains
  • Capacity building of smallholder farmers  to improve market competitiveness
  • Deploy best practices for integrating value chain systems and decreasing post-harvest losses
  • Increase farmer's access to finance and technical services
  • Increase access to markets (including new markets)