Our Partners


As Knowledge Partners of FSSAI, FACE  funded to conduct sensitisation programs on Food Regulations and Licensing across the country in 28 locations during 2013.





IIT Kharagpur

 Indian Institute of Technology, Department of Agriculture and Food Engineering, Kharagpur (IIT KGP) and CII-FACE have come together to launch a short term Certified Food Professional Course, the first such initiative in India, with an emphasis on theoretical framework and practical proficiency in the area of safe and quality food production.


Spice Board

The Collaborative Training Centre (CTC) has been established jointly by CII – FACE and Spices Board of India (under Ministry of Commerce) with knowledge partner as JIFSAN (Joint Institute of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition) University of Maryland, USA, for upgrading Food Safety & Supply Chain Management in Spices and Botanical Ingredients



As Knowledge Partners of Tea Board ,  FACE was funded to conduct sensitisation programs on Food Regulations and Food Safety Management Systems across the country in 16 locations during 2012and 2013





CII – FACE has signed an MOU with UC Davis (as a knowledge partner) to conduct a multi phased project for Increasing Supply Chain efficiencies by Management of Post Harvest Losses along Supply Chain of Perishable Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.




USAID :US Agency for International Development

Agricultural research sponsored by the United States sparked the "Green Revolution" in India. These breakthroughs in agricultural technology and practices resulted in the most dramatic increase in agricultural yields and production in the history of mankind, allowing nations like India and Bangladesh to become nearly food self-sufficient

USAID's support is in the following areas:

  • Capacity building programmes to increase productivity
  • Information exchange
  • Sharing of US best practices in agriculture
  • Access to US technology, expertise and information systems
  • Catalysing pilots / demo projects on best practices in food and agriculture
  • Replicating successful US programmes to increase productivity