Resource Centre for
Cold Chain Logistics
About the Centre
An industry lead Cold Chain Logistics Resource Centre to support and catalyse the development of integrated cold chain networks across the country, aligned with the overall objectives of reducing food loss, maximizing energy efficiency and optimizing time and cost in the cold chain networks.

The resource centre will support and strengthen the existing charter of agencies operating in cold chain like National Centre on Cold-chain Development (NCCD),National Cold Chain & Vaccine Management Resource Center (NCCVMRC), National Cold Chain Resource Centre (NCCRC), MIDH (National Horticulture Board (NHB),NHM, HMNEH), National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC), National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), NDDB.
For an effective
and economically
viable cold chain

To keep pace
with the
development of
To promote
technological and

Foster dovetailing
of various
schemes of
various ministries

alignment in
financial outlay
for greater
Catalyze the
development of
integrated cold
chain networks
across the country
Focus Areas
Development of
Cold Chain Database
Building a component-wise
database of infrastructure across
the supply chain including ports,
airports, farm gate, distribution
channel in a uniform manner
Metrics to include throughputs
handled, employment generation,
loss mitigation, etc
Linking to a digital platform to
support national and global
Promote Investment in
Cold-Chain Services
Introducing relevant best
practices across the supply chain
Disseminating commodity specific
handling protocols
Support in Harmonization
& Convergence
Harmonization of standards
across various government
Promote uniformity in cost norms
across the schemes of separate
line ministries to facilitate
dovetailing of projects with
existing government programs
Encourage synergistic uses across
commodities and goods in the
cold-chain, where feasible

Support Efficient
Utilization of Existing
Cold Chain Infrastructure
Technical Studies on designing
and modification of current cold
chain systems to bring in more
efficiency in line with
commitments under the Kigali
Align with India’s unique National
Cooling Action Plan

Promote Environmentally
Sustainable Cold Chain
Collaborate with national and
international agencies committed
towards mitigating climate
change risk
Focus on adoption of energy
efficiency technologies, low GWP
cooling systems, alternate or
hybrid energy solutions and
sustainable packaging solutions
Promote Innovative
Cross-functional Shared
Develop community cooling
centres, especially at rural locales,
that are attached to a
commercially oriented facility and
share the resources for welfare
Encourage sustainable systems
such as close-looped geothermal
cooling, solar thermal cooling etc.
Training and
Capacity Building
Design the core curriculum for a
cold chain management
programme basis the industry
needs to be implemented by
academic institutes at different
Aligning with national and
international academia for
resource and faculty

Support Centres of
Excellence in Academic
& Research Institutions
Provide industry interface to
enable long term support for the
establishment and running of
centres of excellence in academic
and research institutions.
Partners & Pool of Experts
Private Industry
EXIM Agencies
Global Organization
Supported By
Industry Partners