Raising awareness to sustainable success and competitiveness through best practices.

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Need for the Awards

Providing an external perspective on the current status of the organization’s practices, system, and performances toward competitiveness.

Helping compare with best in class.

Providing an opportunity for national recognition.

The Levels of Recognition

Best in Class
3 per Category

Small | Medium | Large

Significant Achievement
1 per Category

Award Categories

Best Practices in Cold Storage

Pack House

Backword Integration

Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

IQF Processing


Jury Members

DR Ashok Dalwai

CEO, NRAA Ministry of Agriculture & Farmer’s Welfare Chairman Award Jury

Mr.Pawanexh Kohli

Former CEO and Chief advisor NCCD Co-Chairman Award Jury

Mr. S.K. Sharma

Managing Director, Global Agrisystem Private Ltd. Member-Award Jury

Prof. M. P. Maiya

Prof. Mech. Engineering, IIT Madras Member-Award Jury

Mr.B. Thiagarajan

Managing Director Blue Star Ltd Member-Award Jury

Dr.Satish Kumar

President & Executive Director AEEE Member-Award Jury

Mr. Rajesh Subramaniam

Managing Director, IDMC Limited Member-Award Jury

Company Sharing Experiences

CII Cold Chain Award Winners

Winners of Outstanding Performance

Significant Achievement Certificate Winners