Cold Chain Knowledge Hub (Cool-Idea)


In order to overcome the challenges faced by the cold chain industry and to strengthen the agriculture and food supply chain CII-FACE launched Cold chain Knowledge Hub-(Cool Idea) which aims to overcome the challenges through innovation, development, exploration and accentuate by catalyzing investment through state and produce specific interventions with focus on branding and marketing of the crops in both domestic and international market.

Activities under the cold chain knowledge hub:

1. Training & Capacity Building in Cold chain:

  • For Logistics professionals: GPS technology, Handling temperature controlled Vehicles, Soft Skills for Drivers
  • For Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Professional: Designing of refrigeration installation, environmental impact of refrigerants, meteorological aspects of cold chain
  • For Farmers: Post-harvest management of commodities, Handling, awareness about cold chain
  • For Upcoming Entrepreneurs: Awareness workshop about the various schemes of Government for the development of cold chain in India

2. Research and Studies

  • Crop and state specific feasibility Studies,
  • Value chain assessment of Agri commodities
  • Technical studies on designing and modification of current cold chain systems

3. Hand-Holding for start-up Technologies

  • scouting new technology in related areas like refrigeration, solar, cold chain etc. at University level,
  • Presenting the technology to the industry for validating the usage
  • checking the efficiency of the technology for commercialization by conducting a pilot test.

4. Standardizing Operations and Policy advocacy:

  • Setting up crop specific protocols for perishable commodities
  • Disseminate best practices related to packaging of perishable products
  • Palletization operation
  • Cold chain management systems
  • handling temperature controlled vehicles.
  • environmental impact of refrigerants