Value Chain Initiatives

Agricultural Hubs : An Introduction

In most of Eastern India, the lack of economic development is home to a host of poverty related ills including hunger, illiteracy, malnutrition, militancy, infant mortality, poor status of women etc. While agriculture is the mainstay occupation throughout India with about 70% population dependent on it, it is difficult to adopt in toto, the technologies, products and marketing strategies available in developed world and also in other agriculturally advanced states of India, which are mainly based on large scales of land size holdings and related techniques.

CII, in partnership with member organizations and the USAID, aims at establishing 30 agricultural hubs in states in eastern India, to harness the growth potential of region by maximizing yield and income to farmers by making provisions of superior agricultural inputs, transferring modern agricultural know how and providing better market access to the farmers for their output. The activity also intends at extension into allied agricultural activities, such as dairy, poultry, aquaculture etc. The activity supports innovation by drawing region specific strategy for individual hubs.

The region has lot of potential to diversify from dependence on rice to other field crops such as maize, Oilseeds and also horticultural crops. Allied agricultural activities in form of dairy, poultry and aquaculture have scope for development in the region. Intending to operate under PPP module, CII has already initiated dialogue with various private sector member organizations, International development organisations and Government agencies at Central level. In coming few weeks, CII intends to enter into dialogue with state authorities at various levels and start the work after zeroing in on exact locations for development of specific activities.

The efforts will contribute towards overall development of the region and will result into improvement of living and nutritional standard of the population.


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