About FACE


The CII Jubilant Bhartia Food and Agriculture Centre of Excellence (CII-FACE) is charged with the mission to improve the competitiveness of India’s agriculture & food processing sector, by catalyzing innovation, building capacity and enhancing productivity across the agriculture and food value chain, ensuring food security and inclusive growth.

FACE works closely with farmers, companies, developmental institutions, and the government with the following objectives:

  • Improving on and off-farm productivity through the introduction and dissemination of global best practices and technological innovation
  • Improve global competitiveness of India’s agriculture and food processing sector by investing in capacity building initiatives and skill development for supply chain participants across the value chain
  • Strengthening linkages across the agriculture and food value chain with an objective of reducing spoilage, increasing value addition and enhancing farmer incomes

Comprising of an extensive team of domain experts across verticals FACE has evolved a robust services portfolio and has establish itself as a credible knowledge resource in the agriculture and food domain.