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“Sustainable agriculture is at the heart of the 2030 Agenda and first fundamental step to securing zero hunger.”

With almost 800 million people going hungry in 2020 (FAO estimates) it is imperative that we work towards the vision of ‘Zero Hunger’. Focus on yield per hectare on-farm, has to be linked to reducing hunger and enhancing farmer income, to ensure sustainable on-farm production and reducing ecological impact on natural resources, climate as well as biodiversity. For India, the challenge is further driven by its high-level dependence on a climate-sensitive sector like agriculture. Fragmented land holdings, over-exploitation of natural resources of soil and water, limited uptake of technology, high on and off-farm wastages are other key challenges impacting the agriculture sector.

We, at the agriculture vertical, are actively engaged in a multistakeholder approach to create a competitive and sustainable agribusiness sector thus ensuring the economic growth of our country. Key initiatives undertaken are around ease of doing business, scaling farmer aggregation models, facilitating enabling infrastructure and sustainable agriculture.

Key stakeholders engaged with include Government at the Center and State level, farmers/FPOs, Agri and food industry, technology and service providers, financiers, and multilateral agencies.

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