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“Persistent and impaired malnutrition in developing nations is always an obstacle to the progress towards achieving Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) 2030 Agenda”

India accounts for a third of the world’s malnourished children and as per Global Health Index (2020), and still lag in terms of the vital nutrition markers of stunting and wasting, stimulating concerns around the developmental sectors, policymakers, and program relating to nutrition. As a steppingstone towards ensuring availability, accessibility and stability fulfilling citizen’s right to both food and nutrition security, CII, with nutrition as a prioritized agenda in National Committee on Nutrition, have been extensively working in building nutrition portfolio across PAN India providing services to support health and nutrition agenda, scaling the interventions like large scale food fortification, supplementary nutrition with better outreach.

We, at the nutrition vertical, are actively engaged towards promoting healthier sustainable diets to ensure food and nutrition security through a multi-sectoral approach, engaging with the private sector and industry partners to create an innovative ecosystem by generating healthier food choices for all segments of population under HFSS agenda; with development agencies, NGOs, bilateral and multilateral agencies, local, state as well as central governments and regulatory bodies.

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